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Info for Presenters

We are always looking for presenters for future Saturday conferences.  The pay is $300 for a 90-minute
session and $200 for the 60-minute ones. If you would like to present at one of our mini-conferences,
please send us a workshop description of 80 words or less that will give participants an idea of what
they will see or do in the session as well as a workshop title of 8 words or less. You should also
indicate whether you would like to do a one-hour or a 90-minute session and whether you have a time
preference. We are looking for workshops that would have general appeal for the first mini-conference
but we expect that we will be able to dedicate future mini-conferences to specific areas like EAP,
Business English, Test prep, etc. Also, we are asking that you do a session that you have not offered at
English Central before or at any major conferences in the GTA. The reason, of course, is that we would
not want participants paying for the whole day and then finding out that they had seen one session

Please email if you have any questions.
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To reserve a spot, reply by email.                        
You can pay in
CASH or by CHEQUE or CREDIT CARD when you arrive or you pay in advance with a
CREDIT CARD below. The cost is $80 for the whole conference. Individual sessions may be available
five days before the conference. The cost for an individual session is $30 for 90-minutes or $20 for
60-minutes. Please contact us regarding participation in individual sessions.
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