Ken Lackman and Associates
Educational Consultants
Methods and activities for more effective teaching with less preparation
Ken Lackman is one of the most popular presenters at ESL conferences in the Toronto
area. His first presentation
, Universal Activities, at TESL Toronto was so well-received
that it led to him being asked to repeat it at
TESL Ontario. Word quickly spread and soon
afterward Ken received requests to present at numerous other conferences and
schools in the greater Toronto area.  He has also become a regular presenter at the
IATEFL conferences in the UK.

Ken began his teaching career as an EFL instructor in Prague in 1995. At that time the
Caledonian School had only a few resource books for teachers and no internet access.
Watching his peers labour to create their own materials and activities, Ken had an idea.
He approached the school's owner and asked for funding to collect the teaching
materials being created by his peers and to put them in a resource file for all to use.
Seeing the improvement in teacher performance and  morale, the school's owner
decided to expand Ken's role as Materials Coordinator and provide more funding for
purchasing materials. During the next six years Ken contributed hundreds of original
games and activities and was instrumental in building one of the finest private language
school libraries in Central Europe.

Conferences and Workshops
Ken presented workshops monthly at the Caledonian School for six years and weekly at
EF Toronto, where he was Director of Studies, for five years. He realized the
importance of workshops at his first IATEFL conference in 1996.  He first attended
workshops as a means of improving his own teaching but he soon saw the benefit of
sharing his discoveries. Upon returning from the conference, Ken presented several
IATEFL-based workshops for other teachers. Since that time, Ken's workshops from
IATEFL have kept teachers connected with the work of some of the biggest names in
the field of English language teaching. In fact, his workshop on the Lexical Approach,
based on a 1996 IATEFL presentation by Michael Lewis, is still one of the most popular
workshops at conferences in the Toronto area. Ken's first IATEFL presentation in 2007
drew over 80 participants including the famous EFL writer, Mario Rinvolucri, whose
feedback can be found in the testimonials.
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