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Way ahead of its time...
"I remember you from the Caledonian School, which was my first year teaching. You
know, I'm still teaching and there's never been anyone as good as you at staff
training/supervising, etc. The workshop I remember most was the one about the
Lexical Approach. In 2000, not only was that way ahead of its time then, in seven
years of teaching at various schools, I haven't been to a better one since."

                 Nicola Prentis  Masters ELT

They were the best teachers...
"I worked with Ken when he was Director of Studies at EF Toronto. I've taught and
trained teachers in many countries over many years and I was very impressed with
the knowledge base, the willingness to continue developing, and the dedication of
the teachers at EF.  In fact, I believe they were the best teachers - both from my
perspective as a teacher trainer but also from the students' - that I've ever worked
with. Ken must take a great deal of the credit for this with his weekly professional
development workshops, and enthusiasm for teaching, which he effortlessly
transferred to his teachers."                                                                                           
                                                           Neil Walker  DELTA, CELTA Trainer

Your workshop was excellent...
"Your workshop [A Framework for Prep-free Lessons 2] was excellent. I'll use your
                                 Mario Rinvolucri   ELT author and teacher trainer

Quite brilliant!
I attended Ken Lackman's workshop on his 'CAT' framework, at the IATEFL
Conference in Liverpool last week, initially attracted by the mention of 'Dogme' in the
title. I hadn't anticipated such a well-grounded, interactive and FUN session, where
Ken combined explanation and demonstration to present a coherent, practicable and
portable framework for generating and shaping learner output. Quite brilliant!

            Scott Thornbury   ELT trainer and writer
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