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Methods and activities for more effective teaching with less preparation
English Teaching Professional
Two of the Framework for Prep-free Lessons series were published in the world's  
leading practical magazine for English language instructors.
Lesson Plan Two
appeared in the January 2007 issue of English Teaching
Professional and was promoted on the cover due to its revolutionary idea of using
'teacher talking time' as the content of lessons.

English Teaching Professional
A Framework for Prep-free Lessons 3 appeared in the November 2007 issue and
presented a framework for a low-preparation lesson using a text as the linguistic

HLT Magazine
Can Corpora be Fun? appeared in the May 2007 issue of Humanistic Language
Teaching. It featured a collection of universal student-centred activities that can be
used with printouts from websites of language databases known as "corpora".

EF Educator Monthly
Do You Dislike Being Observed appeared in Issue 2 of EF Educator Monthly. It
featured a critical look at traditional teacher observations and suggested the
benefits of 'team-teaching observations', a unique low-stress form of observation
which Ken Lackman developed in 1997.  
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